Best Cases for Headphones & Earphones

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With the proper treatment and care, some headphones can last decades. Whether your headphones did not come with a sturdy case or you are looking to upgrade, you have come to the right place! Here you will find the best value buys when it comes to headphone cases.

Below are our top picks in order of increasing price:

Cosmos Clamshell Case (for Earbuds) – $5

This is the same case that comes with many of the Brainwavz earphones and I have to say, I couldn’t ask for more. Unless you slam a brick on it, this semi-hard clamshell case provides more than enough protection. Inside the case is a small pouch to keep small accessories in place such as extra ear buds or an airplane adapter. A quick tip for storing earphones:¬† Always wrap the cord around two or three fingers and place them in a case – never wrap them around your phone or mp3 player! This can put tension on the jack and eventually leads to the sound cutting out of one or both speakers. [Buy at Amazon]


 Audio Technica AT-HPP5 (for Small Folding Headphones) Р$8

The HPP5 is a slim, semi-hard case that will hold most headphones that fold or swivel at the earcups. It retails for ~$40 but can be found on eBay for extremely cheap. Most of the listings do not have the model name in the title so if the link below is expired, try searching for “Audio Technica Headphone Case” or similar. [Buy at eBay]




Fischer Audio Headphone Case (for Full-Size Headphones) – $25

If you want to travel light, this soft shell case by Fischer Audio should not be overlooked. The thick foam padding will keep your beloved headphones safe and secure as long as it does not get crushed or stepped on. It comes with a foam insert that will accommodate smaller headphones. Follow the link below to see more photos. [Buy at Frogbeats]




Pelican 1300 (for Full-Size Headphones) – $50

Pelican makes heavy duty military-grade cases of all sizes and their 1300 model is the perfect size for a single full-size headphone. It is waterproof and extremely rugged so no matter where you are (boats included), there is nothing to worry about! The Pick-N-Pluck foam section makes it very easy to peel away unneeded foam to give your gear a proper fit. All Pelican cases are built tough and in my opinion should be the go-to option when it comes to safely securing your headphones. Before you buy make sure to measure the dimensions of your headphones just to make sure they will fit. Also available in silver, orange, and yellow. [Buy at Amazon]

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