Brainwavz M2 Review

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Price: $60 (MSRP $80)
Wear style: Straight down

In Short: An excellent fusion of warmth, strong bass, and smoothness.


The Brainwavz M2 were my first quality IEMs and I fell in love instantly. Coming from the overpriced Creative Aurvana that I bought for $50 (coincidentally the same price as the pre-order M2s), I was blown away by what $50 could get you in terms of sound. The Brainwavz M series could very well be the best bang-for-the-buck IEMs on the market today.

Offering a warm and bassy sound, the M2s pair well with all types of music except for maybe classical and jazz. Those genres beg for a more analytical and balanced headphone such as the Etymotic 4 (or, speaking of Brainwavz, the B2). Instrument separation could be better, but that is part of the reason why the headphones are so engaging.

I LOVE the M2 for hip-hop. They are bass heavy, but not “rattling-heavy”. The bass is very tight and controlled, and I think most consumers will find it to be just the right amount. There is a lack of texture – all bass notes seem to sound the same, but this contributes to the effortless smoothness that the M2 has.

The M2 has good build quality for the price as well. The only complaint I have is that the cord makes a bit of noise when it comes into contact with hard surfaces such as zippers when it is not “grounded” – this can be irritating. Wearing them over-the-ear (the usual method to lessen cable noise) is difficult. The shirt clip accessory helps, but does not completely solve the cable noise issue. Apart from that, the build quality is fantastic. Metal housings, strong cords, and reinforced connectors all make the M2s built to last.

Accessories that come with the headphones include a carrying case and various tips so you can get the right seal. As always, make sure you test the various size tips and insert the IEM properly (fully) into your ear or the sound will be lackluster, especially the bass.

I have not tried the M3, but I hear it is very similar to the M2 but better in most categories… worth the extra dough if you have it. The M4 is a different breed entirely – a step down from the M2 in my opinion, but I was listening to a fresh pair without burn-in.

All in all, these are my #1 go-to recommendation for bassy entry-level in-ears, especially if you can get them at pre-order price which MP4Nation occasionally offers.


Driver type Dynamic
Impedance 20 Ω
Sensitivity 115 dB
Frequency Response 20-20k Hz
Cable 4.2’ (1.3m) with I-plug or 45-degree-plug
Nozzle size 5.5mm
Warranty 1 Year
Included accessories Silicone single-flange tips (3 sizes), shirt clip, clamshell carrying case
Recommended tips Sony hybrids

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