Bowers & Wilkins P3 coming in June

| May 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Bowers and Wilkins is set to release their third portable headphone appropriately named the P3. The P3 will slot in as the little brother of the P5 and will go on sale in June for $199.

Judging from the nearly identical looks and close price, I think we can safely conclude that the P3 will be very similar to the P5, and that is a good thing. The P5 did a lot of things right, my favorite being the super-comfortable memory foam ear pads, which are unheard of in the headphone world. Despite the rectangular shaped ear pads, the P5 isolated very well and you should expect the same from the P3. The P5 has a warm sound signature, and you can expect that to carry over as well.

Besides price, the biggest differences between the P3 and P5 seem to deal with portability. The P3 is significantly lighter and is able to fold up for storage – something that I almost demand in a portable headphone. I’m sure the sound will be slightly different, but of course we cannot comment on this (yet).

The P3 is sure to be a competitor in this price range thanks to its unique design, impressive comfort, and now improved portability. The P3 will be available in black and white.

Check out the foldability! And the luscious ear pads… okay I’ll stop there.


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