Boomphones: headphones with built-in speakers (only available in Canada)

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We’ve all had those moments where we’ve wanted to share something on our phone or MP3 player but have simply had to settle for the crappy speaker built-in to the device. Boomphones aim to provide the best solution to that problem, developing headphones that have speakers built-in! The button on the earcup lets you switch between internal or external listening.

While their sound quality may not be up to par with others in the price range ($150-$200), it is the most practical solution to the problem above. The obvious alternative is to buy headphones and an external speaker separate, but let’s be honest: most people don’t carry around portable speakers.

The Boomphones come with two interchangeable cables: one standard and one with a in- line microphone/volume controls – an impressive feature for a $200 headphone. They also come with a large hefty case. The Boomphones are large, but I have read that they are very comfortable.

Head over to the Boomphones website to learn more. As of now they are only available in Canada.

Disclaimer to headphone newcomers: If having the external speaker capability is a feature you cannot pass up, I say go for it. However if you are more concerned with sound quality, there are definitely better options out there. Boomphones is a new company and does not have the experience of the proven brands out there, so just take note of this.

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