Beyerdynamic’s new A200P DAC/Amp is ultra-portable, ultra-convenient

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This year’s CES brought a hailstorm of new audio products and German manufacturer Beyerdynamic was one to get in on the action. All of Beyer’s new products fall in the portable category, which you might expect given the direction the market is going thanks to smartphones and tablets.

My favorite of the company’s new products is the A200P portable DAC/Amp, a tiny device designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. When paired with an Android device (version 4.1 or above) or an iPhone/iPod/iPad (unspecified versions), the digital audio will bypass the device’s internals so the A200P does all the processing and amplification. The A200P is also compatible with Windows and OSX, but as we dig into the specs, you will see why it thrives in a portable environment.


A200P Specs:

  • Volume control with 135 levels (the big silver circle is actually the volume knob)
  • LED display for charging, operation and volume
  • 3 buttons for music playback/pause and skipping forward and backward
  • On/off switch with locking function
  • DAC with up to 24-bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 11 hours operating time
  • 1/8” (3.5 mm) mini stereo jack headphone connection
  • Leather case, USB cable and Lightning/micro USB cable included
  • Weight without cable and accessories: 51 g
  • Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 13 mm

The A200P carries a retail price of $299, which is on the expensive side compared to the more affordable options from FiiO and the like. One downside to the A200P is that it only supports up to 96 kHz sampling frequency. While most of us probably don’t have tons of music (if any) at that high frequency, even the far cheaper FiiO E17 ($130) supports it. Before we jump to conclusions however, we will wait for some reviews because remember, sound is king, not specs!

The A200P is available now from the Beyerdynamic online shop and other online retailers.

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