Audio Technica refreshes their “AD” open-air series: AD500x, AD700x, AD900x, AD1000x, AD2000x

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Audio Technica announced several new headphones at last year’s FujiyaAVIC Autumn Tokyo Headphone Festival, a clear highlight being the revision of their “AD” open-air (non-isolating, intended for home listening) series. The AD500 is now the AD500x, the AD700 is now the AD700x, and so on.




Interestingly, all the new AD headphones use the same mostly-black color scheme, a departure from the previous versions. As you can see from the photos, the only way to really tell them apart from a distance is by the sticker color on the ear cups (if you look close, the model name is on the headband).

The tech specs remain almost identical to the old versions, but the new headphones utilize a new 53mm transducer.

Estimated retail prices are as follows (but expect street prices to be lower):

  • ¬†AD2000X – $1000
  • AD1000X – $600
  • AD900X – $250
  • AD700X – $200
  • AD500X – $100

The lower end models are already known for being an excellent bang/buck, so if improvements in sound quality would be impressive. Some find them too thin-sounding and light-fitting to be do-it-all headphones, but the soundstage on the AD series in unmatched for the price. The only headphones I have heard with a larger soundstage than my AD700 is the Sennheiser HD800.

If you are interested in reading impressions, some folks over at Head-Fi have some very positive feedback. Being Audio Technica’s premier line of headphones, this is exciting to hear!

Rumor is that the AD-X series will make its official U.S. landing in April, but if you can’t wait you can find them on eBay and some other sites such as Rakuten Global Market.

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