AKG aims at bass-lovers with K550

| March 22, 2012 | 2 Comments

AKG is not known for having a lot of bass quantity in their headphones. That being said, they are looking to change that with K550 that many are comparing to the Denon D2000.

It is hard to believe that we would be sitting here comparing an AKG product with the well-received bass-monster that is the D2000, but they have quite a lot of similarities, and only minor (but distinct) differences.

The K550, as would be expected, improves on the clarity of the mids and highs, and does not falter when reaching top frequencies as the Denon sometimes does. The bass is tight and controlled as expected, but extends out much further than any other AKG in the price range (although not quite as much as the Denon). It loses the thickness across the spectrum that the D2000 holds (personal preference), and instrument separation is more apparent.

In summary, the AKG K550 is an outstanding headphone for its price range (~$300) and rivals the D2000 in every category, which is one of the highest recommended headphones as a one-stop-shop for casual listening.

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  1. 25cent says:

    It can be said denon is for mainstream (more bass quantity & intimate voice) and AKG is for classical.
    Personal choice!

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