Accutone introduces the Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces, Pisces Band, and Taurus

| May 9, 2012 | 5 Comments

Accutone has mostly manufactured business-oriented telephone headsets up until this point. Now they are expanding their customer base with the introduction of four new in-ear models and one new on-ear portable model.

Accutone’s product pages for these headphones are very long and wordy, so I went through and picked out the important details. Let’s run through them one-by-one and see what we know (in order from least expensive to most expensive):


  • Price: $42 USD
  • Color options: Orange, green, pink, white, blue, and purple
  • High gloss “jelly” finish
  • Balanced/neutral sound
  • Built-in microphone and rotary volume control


  • Price: $70 USD
  • Spin Cable nob (patent pending) allows the user to switch from straight-down wear to over-the-ear wear without having to reinsert the headphone (see picture below)
  • Manual bass tuning switch can be accessed with a screwdriver
  • Tuned for maximum bass performance for hip-hop and R&B


  • Price: $92 USD
  • Even more bass than the Taurus and touted as the “Ace of Bass”
  • Memory foam tips included


  • $92 USD for Spin Cable version (round cable)
  • $106 USD for flat cable version with digital volume control
  • Comes bundled with a leatherette carrying case, 3 pairs of ear tips (incl. memory foams), a cable winder, and a Nokia Smartphone converter for proper mic/volume functionality

Pisces Band

  • $200 USD
  • Color options: Black, Orange, White
  • Foldable
  • Tangle-free flat cable
  • In-line microphone and volume controls
  • Comes with elegant carrying case

The Taurus is definitely my favorite in terms of looks. What about you?

No word on what countries these headphones will be available in, but they will definitely be available in the UK and Philippines. I will update this page once I find out or hear back.

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  1. Mirandabb says:

    They are really lovely and love to know where i can get it… i need it Madly… Please check it out ~~ Tks

  2. jason says:

    Just bought the taurus a while ago at sm marikina power mac store 🙂

  3. Philip Edwards says:


    I work for the UK Disti based in the UK
    We have all the above in stock waiting to select retail/web companies we would like to work with

    Will update soon

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