A rundown of Audio-Technica’s new headphones [CES 2014]

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Audio-Technica came out full-force at this year’s CES, introducing over 10 new headphones. While last year we saw Audio-Technica introduce new high-end audiophile headphones, this year we get a healthy dose of more affordable, street-wear style headphones. You will notice there are a TON of color combinations, so hopefully there is something for everyone. One common denominator with all these headphones is that if the model number has “iS” at the end, it means the cable has a built-in microphone & remote. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

SonicFuel™ AX Series

While the Audio-Technica M50 has been a “go-to” recommendation for prospective headphone buyers for a long time now, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t all that practical for the average person. Because the M50’s were designed as DJ/Studio headphones, the cable is long and there is no built-in microphone for use with smartphones. The AX series looks to take the M50’s throne as far as the average consumer is concerned. All headphones in the AX series are flat-folding for portability and come in variety of color combinations.

SonicFuel™ ATH-AX1iS ($39)

As the entry-level option in the AX series, the AX1 utilizes 36mm dynamic drivers. Color options are black, red, white, blue, and grey.



SonicFuel™ ATH-AX3iS ($59) / AX3 ($54)

A step up from the AX1, the AX3 utilizes 40mm drivers, so I think it’s safe to say the sound quality on the AX3 will be a step above it’s younger brother. The AX3 also features a flat, tangle-free cable.



SonicFuel™ ATH-AX5iS ($89) / ATH-AX5 ($84)

The top dog in the AX series adds an aluminum construction to the AX3 for added durability.



SonicFuel™ CKX Series

As with the AX Series, the CKX in-ears are aimed at budget-minded consumers who want stylish headphones without sacrificing sound quality. They come with 3 sizes of C-tips so they don’t fall out, as well as 3 sizes of ear tips for best seal. The ear tip design is something special, capable of rotating 360 degrees to slide properly into your ear canal.

SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS / ATH-CKX5 ($49)

The entry level CKX features 8mm drivers, a straight cable, silicone ear tips, and a carrying case. Pretty standard we would say.



SonicFuel ATH-CKX7iS / ATH-CKX7 ($75)

A slightly upgraded CKX5, the CKX7 includes Comply ear tips and a flat tangle-free cable. Some nice bonuses.



SonicFuel ATH-CKX9iS / ATH-CKX9 ($99)

The top-of-the-line CKX earphone features everything included with the CKX7, plus larger drivers (13.5mm) for better sound and a hard carrying case (instead of soft).



SonicSport series

SonicSport ATH-CKP200iS ($45)

Attention all gym-goers: these waterproof headphones are designed to allow you to wash them off after use. They come with four sizes of silicone ear tips and a 2-foot extension cable for convenience. They are available now.



Gaming Headsets

ATH-ADG1 ($359)

What looks to be a modded AD-700X, the ADG1 is a competitive gaming headset. What sets it apart from the AD700X is that it has a built-in boom microphone, a detachable USB DAC/Amp, and a 2m extension cable.



ATH-AG1 ($329)

As with the ADG1, the AG1 seems to be a modded version of an already-existing headphone, this time the A700X. We are not complaining though, as these are excellent gaming headphones already. The mods for the AG1 are the same as the ADG1 including a built-in boom mic, built-in (but removable) USB DAC/Amp, and a 2m extension cable. The difference between these two gaming headsets is that the ADG1 (AD700X) is open-back while the AG1 (A700X) is closed-back.




QuietPoint series

ATH-ANC70 ($199)

Lastly, Audio-Technica showed off the latest installment in their QuietPoint ANC (active noise cancelling) series. It has some great features, and should be an alternative to their already popular ANC7B and ANC9. The over-ear ANC70 is powered by a AAA battery, but the audio still works even if the battery dies (unlike the Bose QC15).



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