[Expired] 3 hour sale: TDK BA100 for $45

| May 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Word on the street (user jjmai on head-fi) is reporting that the TDK BA100 will be going on sale for 3 hours later today, dropping from $74.99 to $44.99. Update! The rumor was true! The deal is live and is one of Newegg’s “Limited time Shell Shocker” deals.

The sale will supposedly be live on Newegg from 3PM – 6 PM Pacific Time, aka 4 PM – 7 PM Mountain Time, aka 5 PM – 8 PM Central Time, aka 6 PM – 9 PM Eastern Time (I hate time zones).

As you can probably surmise from the name and price, the BA100 is TDK’s entry-level single-armature driven IEM. It has been well-received so far, offering a smooth mid-centric sound with no harshness whatsoever in the treble. The downside to this is that it leaves something to be desired in terms of detail in the upper ranges. Those unfamiliar with BA’s should know that they are not usually as full-bodied or thick, and have a more analytical nature to them, which is a personal preference.

The BA100 is a great deal for $45, and after hearing it you might itch to hear the BA200 which should be coming to the States later this year.

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